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New Music

Passionate about emerging voices in contemporary classical music, Nicholas Hatt is an active supporter of new music.  He most notably served as an Artist-In-Residence during the 2018 season of the Atlantic Music Festival, where he was a member of the Contemporary Music Ensemble.  The ensemble premiered dozen of works over the course of three weeks, and Nicholas greatly enjoyed the collaborative process in bringing new compositions to life.  Please contact Nicholas Hatt if you are interested in putting together a concert featuring new music, or if you are looking for an experienced new music performer to premiere a composition.

Contemporary Music Repertoire List



Pēteris Vasks | "Distant Light" - Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra

Recital Works:

Philip Glass | Sonata for Violin and Piano

Igor Frolov | Concert Fantasia on Themes from Gershwin's Porgy and Bess 


Chamber Music:

Aspen C. Buckingham | Yellow Dreams (Premiere)

Sarrah Bushara | Dolcissississima (Premiere)

Sawyer Denton | A Threnody for Identity

Emil Lars Ernstrom | Wind-Up Bird (Premiere)

Justin Giarusso | Evening: New York (Premiere)

Osvaldo Golijov |  Last Round for Double String Quartet and Bass

Seamus Hubbard Flynn | Transits (Premiere)

George Holloway | Dances in Time and Vertical Space (Premiere)

Matthew Jackfert | IDK (Premiere)

Joseph Kazimer Jachinowski | Unhinged (Premiere)

Christopher Jones | String Quartet (Premiere)

Brian Juntilla |  Sextet for Pierrot Ensemble (Premiere)

Jeremy Keaton | Pendulum (Premiere)

Edmund Scott Miller | Abridged (Premiere)

Adam Plantz  | Frenetic Streams for Two Violins (Premiere)

Chris Peyson | Annealed in Fire for String Quartet (Premiere)

Zechen Ren | The First Sunlight on the Arctic (Premiere)

Ned Rorem | String Quartet No. 4

Alfred Schnittke | Moz-Art for Two Violins

Shelby Scott | Metamorphosis (Premiere)

Pēteris Vasks | Castillo Interior for Violin and Cello

Pēteris Vasks | Piano Quartet

James Adam Whitlark | Shades of Dusk (Premiere)

Yike Zhang |  Blurry Scenery (Premiere)

Xiangyu Zhou | Parallel Lines (Premiere)

Ellen Taafe Zwilich | Piano Trio

"Blurry Scenery" by Yike Zhang

"Blurry Scenery" by Yike Zhang

Post-performance with composer George Holloway

Post-performance with composer George Holloway

"Parallel Lines" by Xiangyu Zhou

"Parallel Lines" by Xiangyu Zhou

"Dances in Time and Vertical Space" by George Holloway

"Dances in Time and Vertical Space" by George Holloway

"Dolcissississima" by Sarrah Bushara

"Dolcissississima" by Sarrah Bushara

"Unhinged" by Joseph Kazimer Jachinowski

"Unhinged" by Joseph Kazimer Jachinowski

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